Incurious    (pronounced in-kyoor-ee-us) adjective


having an abnormal lack of curiosity; showing an unusual absence of inquisitiveness or eagerness for knowledge; uninterested.

Other Forms

Incuriosity   (pronounced in-kyoor-ee-os-ih-tee) noun

Main Example

  • Many in the White House are hot under the collar following former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's interview on "60 Minutes" where he described being struck by President Bush's incuriosity during their first meeting. "It was an hour-long monologue, with me doing all the talking," said O'Neill.

    Workplace Examples

  • My weekly meetings with the new boss, Jackie, are much longer than those with the previous one. Unlike her predecessor who was frustratingly incurious about the details of how I was carrying out some of my action items, Jackie really likes to get into the thick of it.

  • Lisa is so incurious that if someone looking out the window told her that there is a fifty-car pile up outside, she wouldn't bother to get up and look!

    Other Examples

  • your asking a colleague: "What's with Ira? Throughout the meeting he had this blank look on his face. Even when I was telling him about some of our most exciting ideas, he just kept gazing at me incuriously."

  • somebody having few friends because he or she is extremely self-centered and, therefore, much too incurious about others

  • a fellow employee's incuriousness and lack of interest during recent meetings making everyone speculate that he might be planning to leave

  • during casual meetings with students who had graduated summa cum laude from local high schools, the author finding several of them to be staggeringly incurious about what's happening in the outside world

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