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A one-day workshop on
How to Communicate with Impact and Sway

Who is it designed for: Executives, managers, engineers, attorneys, salespersons, and other high-achieving professionals. In fact, anyone who is required to sell ideas, products, or services, and who must effectively communicate thoughts, or lead and influence others, is likely to benefit immensely from the vast array of verbal and nonverbal techniques presented in this workshop.

Program Information:


The workshop content was borne out of the presenter's ongoing research that began in the 1980s--research into the entire body of verbal and nonverbal skills and techniques used by leaders in business, education, government, the military, and other occupational spheres to infuse their important spoken communications with impact, indelibility, and persuasiveness. As a result, the benefits from attending this workshop will be manifest in the entire range of communication situations one typically encounters--be it a 30-second huddle in the hallway or a 30-minute formal presentation!

Since its development in 1995, this workshop--or a variation thereof--has been presented to, among others, Alcon Manufacturing, CenterPoint Energy, Cooper Industries, Emerald Homes, Enron, ExxonMobil, Houston Fire Department, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Reliant Energy, Texaco, Texas Society of CPAs-Houston Chapter, administrative department heads at the University of Houston--Clear Lake, as well as at conferences/conventions around the nation.

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This workshop is designed to invigorate participants' communication skills by helping them acquire the broad range of techniques typically employed by extremely articulate people to make their important communications more effective and successful, and to thereby project gravitas. Among the numerous modules: Power of the spoken word; Verbal and nonverbal techniques; Conquering the pervasive disease of rambling--How to emphasize your point in Just Three Sentences; Disarming one's critics and detractors without being offensive or disrespectful; Diminishers that lessen one's message and credentials; Minimizing the diminution of women's communications; Creating an extremely positive first impression; and Hard evidence that the techniques and ideas presented in this workshop produce results!

Using video clips, PowerPoint slides, anecdotes, and handouts, the instructor will present a profusion of highly instructive examples (i.e., examples of actual words and gestures used by well-known Americans) that illustrate both commendable and feeble communications in real-life situations. Through analysis and discussion of such examples, plus case studies and practical exercises, this fast-moving workshop will give participants the skills to speak with greater impact and sway in key situations such as when dealing with clients or influencing others in the workplace.

For more information about this workshop, including learning outcomes, please call 281-463-2500.

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Here are some of the specific skills, concepts, and techniques that participants will learn or acquire:

  • How the injection of a simple but fresh word can sharply elevate a communication and, conversely, how triteness can trivialize a message.

  • Greater efficiency and productivity because important presentations and other key messages will be more persuasive and recallable; one's expressions will be more "visual" due to greater precision.

  • How to conquer the pervasive disease of rambling, especially when answering "why" questions or when emphasizing something.

  • How to hold an audience's attention on material that is inherently dull, busy, or arcane, and how to be fully understood by everyone present.

  • The technique of quickly dispelling wrong or contrary notions from a listener's mind (a specialty of former H-P CEO Carly Fiorina, widely acknowledged to be one of corporate America's foremost presenters).

  • Expunging from one's "system" mannerisms that distract others.

  • A set of skills to disarm and neutralize critics and detractors, without being offensive or disrespectful, in a society which The Wall Street Journal recently described as having become increasingly combative and blunt.

  • Attention-getting openings and stand-alone closes.

  • How to create a highly favorable first impression with a client or stakeholder.

  • "Diminishers" that lessen one's message and credentials. (This covers a broad range of verbal and nonverbal "blunders" commonly made [often unwittingly] by even the most highly trained and well-educated professionals--mistakes that sharply lower one's effectiveness and image!)
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V. J. Singal, a communication consultant, coach, trainer, and speaker, is the author of The Articulate® Professional, an acclaimed book endorsed by top corporate executives, and Words of the Month, an Internet feature which has become the most popular educational channel on AvantGo with over 170,000 subscribers. He has a bachelor's degree in engineering from IIT Delhi, and an MBA with Distinction from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. He has won numerous public speaking contests; his opinions have been published in The Wall Street Journal and The Economist, and aired on the BBC and CNN Headline News.

V. J. spent over 20 years with Fortune 100 corporations. He has given seminars and workshops to, among others, ExxonMobil, Texaco, Enron, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Alcon Manufacturing, Compaq, CenterPoint Energy, Reliant Energy, City of Houston, administrative department heads at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, and spoken at conventions in several cities including Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Indianapolis, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Santa Fe.

Among those whose communications V. J. has energized through one-on-one coaching: a Fortune 100 company's Senior VP facing a hostile TV-panel; the CEO of a publicly-traded independent oil & gas exploration and production company; executives / senior managers of ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, Mustang Engineering, J. Ray McDermott, the EPA, Waste Management (view success story), owners of emerging high-tech and other firms; engineers of Chinese origin; a Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser panelist.

V.J. lives in Houston with wife Renoo and Labrador retriever Buddy. For more about him, click here.

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For more testimonials, including one from Dr. Terry Bevers, one of the more prominent voices at the eminent M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, please click here.

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