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Sales Training

Our philosophy

"The ability to communicate is everything," writes Lee Iacocca, former corporate titan and salesman par excellence, in the opening chapter of his eminently readable autobiography. And that is our motto! Indeed, our sales training topics tightly embrace the spirit of Iacocca's words by helping sales professionals acquire the tools and techniques to break through the communication clutter that envelopes most clients.

Training/Coaching topics

All of our sales training topics lend themselves to both group training and one-on-one coaching. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Seizing the moment: simple verbal and non-verbal skills to create an extremely positive first impression with a client
  • How to Emphasize your point in Just Three Sentences (a powerful tool to (i) make one's communications penetrating, and (ii) conquer the pervasive disease of rambling)
  • Disarming and neutralizing your critics and detractors without being offensive or disrespectful
  • Diminishers that lessen your message and credentials
  • Avoiding the Bob Dole Communication Syndrome: How not to trivialize your strengths and accomplishments
  • The Five Techniques of Articulate People: Strategies for persuasive and high-impact communications (our flagship workshop)
  • Free On-site Demonstrations Now Offered!
    In the amount of time you may spend on a single coffee break, our company can demonstrate the tremendous impact of superlative communication skills...
    Give us 18 minutes of your time, we'll demonstrate - in person - the invaluable and lasting benefits of sharper communications skills and how our company can boost your executive presence and help you succeed in influencing and persuading others. For information, please contact us.

Clients-past and present

A variety of companies, ranging from home builders to energy giants, have requested our training workshops or seminars for their sales professionals. Here is a partial list: Kinko's; Royce Builders; Emerald Homes; Enron; Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals; Texaco; and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB).

Evidence of the impact of our training

The enduring and transformational impact that our workshops/coaching can have on high-achieving sales professionals is best evidenced by the unsolicited comment we received a few years ago from a national sales manager for Texaco Lubricants. About eight months after participating in our "The Five Techniques of Articulate People" workshop conducted at Texaco Heritage Plaza in Houston, he wrote us a note saying "I am still practicing all of the skills presented in your seminar--I'm ENERGIZED." For more testimonials, click here.

For some "uncommon tips" to make your sales and other presentations indelible, click here.