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Keynote Topics

  • The Power of the Spoken Word
  • Capturing the Moment: Some simple skills for creating a highly favorable first impression

Seminar/Coaching Topics (partial list)

  • NEW: Simple techniques to sharply enhance your executive presence.
  • Creating a highly favorable first impression: Some simple verbal and nonverbal techniques.
  • Conquering the pervasive disease of rambling: How to emphasize your point in Just Three Sentences.
  • Power of the Spoken Word: Raising your consciousness about how words can strengthen or trivialize an important communication.
  • Verbal techniques used by highly effective communicators to speak with impact and sway.
  • Nonverbal skills for maximum impact.
  • How to disarm and neutralize your critics and detractors without being offensive or disrespectful.
  • NEW: Enhancing morale and harmony in a highly diverse workplace.
  • Diminishers that lessen one's message and credentials.
  • Merchandising your wares: How to win new clients and retain existing ones.
  • Employee recognition: How to deliver effective praise in Just Three Sentences (Overall purpose: help boost morale, loyalty, and productivity).
  • Some uncommon tips for more impactful and persuasive presentations.
  • How to Communicate with Impact and Sway (a comprehensive seminar covering most of the topics mentioned in the preceding bullets; view pictures and participant comments from recent seminars)
  • Train the trainer
  • How to minimize the diminution of women's communications in the workplace.
  • Female-executive role models.
  • For foreign-borns: (i) How to "connect" and engage with the typical American professional. (ii) Strategies and tactics to compensate for the loss in communication effectiveness that occurs because of an accent.
  • For those who manage foreign-born employees: (i) How to "connect" and engage with the typical foreign-born. (ii) Strategies and tactics to help enhance the communication effectiveness of your foreign-born employees.
  • Top

    Past/Present Clients

    U.S. government (Department of the Interior's BOEM; USDA-NRCS; Houston VA); Alcon Labs; Aldine Independent School District; Arizona Dental Association; CenterPoint Energy; City of Houston; Continental Airlines; Cooper Industries; Energy Transfer; Enron; ExxonMobil; Fugro; Haverly Systems; Houston Fire Department; Houston Independent School District; Jacobs Women's Collaborative; Kinko's; McDermott International; MD Anderson Cancer Center; Mohle Adams; Oregon Dental Association; Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals; Prairie View A&M; Reliant Energy; Royce Builders; Schlumberger; Shell Oil; Subsea 7; Texaco; Transocean; Turner Construction; University of Houston--Clear Lake; Verizon Wireless; Waste Management; Wood Group--Mustang Engineering.

    For a list of one-on-one coaching clients, click here.


    Seminar Testimonials
    (for V.J.'s flagship seminar
    "Power of the Spoken Word + Techniques to Communicate with Impact and Sway")

    "I have had the distinct pleasure of having V.J. Singal present to our Leadership Challenge Program...I have already witnessed the impact from his work. Our mid-level managers are more articulate and powerful when they speak."
          – Hank Pitcher, Coordinator for Leadership Programs, Alcon Manufacturing, Ltd.

    "The session has everyday applications, not just professionally, but personally as well. Mr. Singal's passion for the subject is evident as well as compelling. His ability to engage an audience for such a long period of time is astonishing."
          – Guy Ross, Energy Transfer

    " ... It is important that a lawyer is able to make his or her point quickly and succinctly. Your program helps anyone develop these qualities."
          – William H. Bruckner, Bruckner & Sykes (a Houston-based law firm)

    "(As a result of V.J.’s training) I am now better equipped to present particulars of our program, whether speaking with colleagues, addressing a group of people, or talking with the media..."
          – Therese Bevers, MD, Medical Director, Clinical Cancer Prevention,
               MD Anderson Cancer Center

    Sampling of participant comments


    Testimonials for one-on-one coaching

    (in chronological order of services delivered)

    "I met with V.J. six years ago as a young professional (26 years old) in need of confidence to communicate with both clients and colleagues. The return on my investment has been immeasurable. My ability to communicate concisely and with confidence and persuasion has been commended by those both inside and outside of my field, thanks to V.J.'s techniques. One-on-one coaching enabled me to develop specific techniques to be used in the field of medicine and allowed me to acquire many advanced communication skills relatively quickly. I recommend V.J.'s instruction to any professional, young or old, experienced or inexperienced. The return on investment is huge."
        May 2011
        Dr. Kevin Benjamino

    "I hired V.J. as an executive communication coach in early 2006. At the time, as head of an 1150-plus employee organization within ExxonMobil, I was quite comfortable conducting executive meetings and delivering presentations to large audiences. But, being a high-achiever, I wanted to raise my game. Specifically, I wished to enhance my executive presence and sharpen my important communications--make them more indelible.

    Time spent with V.J. was highly inspiring. Thanks to his wide and proven expertise, infectious enthusiasm, and imagination, the one-on-one sessions were extremely rewarding. Not surprisingly, several of the verbal and nonverbal techniques I internalized during those months nine years ago are the hallmark of my presentations and other key communications to this day."

        March 2015
        Eduardo Nunez
        General Manager, Global Procurement, ExxonMobil

    "Recently, I was called upon to give print and television interviews regarding a high profile project I had worked on. I have very little experience with such matters and felt unprepared. Several years ago, I had heard V.J. Singal give a very compelling talk on the subject of doing such interviews ("How to Emphasize Your Point in Just Three Sentences"). I felt certain that he could give me good advice. I called him. I was right. V.J. gave me wonderful and practical suggestions on being interviewed. I paid close attention, made notes and subsequently studied them. I followed his advice, thinking through likely questions and the concise and incisive answers I would want to give, as well as picturesque terminology I might use to create memorable imagery. So, when it came time for the interviews, I was well prepared and confident. The interviews could not have gone better. As a direct result of V.J.'s coaching, I was able to represent my organization and our project more capably, and give the press meaningful and substantive answers, which they were pleased to use. Though a rank beginner, I was able to feel and look like a seasoned pro."
        April 2011
        Jim De Piante
        Executive Project Manager, IBM

    "As a foreign-born European woman working in the male-dominated Houston oil and gas industry, I often found it hard to express myself professionally. I had difficulties being brief, persuasive, and impactful; the fact that English is not my mother tongue didn't make things easier. I needed somebody to help me speak confidently.

    From the first moment onwards, V.J. made me feel like a sponge. As a result of his coaching, my verbal expression has improved dramatically. It is now more vivid, more intense, and more thoughtful.

    V.J. taught me simple techniques to make my communication more effective and visual. Now, when calling current and potential clients, I sound strong and convincing, as opposed to tentative and even diffident in the past.

    I certainly recommend V.J.'s coaching sessions to whoever wants to enhance their communication abilities. V.J.'s sessions are professional, interesting, and enjoyable, but above all, remarkably inspiring!"

        December 2011
        Amanda Mackintosh
        Mackintosh New Ventures

    "I utilized V.J.'s services in the fall of 2011. I had just relocated to Houston to continue a career in investments, and as my focus is client relationships and sales, I wanted to hit the ground running. In addition, not only is there a great deal of competition in my field, but trustworthiness has become a dominant issue that needs to be defused.

    V.J. taught me how to deliver a concise and potent message that focused on my firm's differentiated services and client advocacy. Since implementing his suggestions and verbal strategy, prospects have noted the positive impression that has been left with them. The business pipeline has filled up nicely.

    I would strongly suggest that anyone considering improving and tightening their business message employ V.J."

        May 2012
        Michelle Pamela Connell, CFA
        Vice-Chair Investment Committee, Asset Management Advisors

    Please also see coaching success stories.


    Some Uncommon Tips for Highly Effective Presentations

    by V.J. Singal

    • Was he fighting a swarm of bees or what?
      It appeared as if AOL Chairman Steven Case was doing exactly that while addressing a conference of top CEOs. He made broad, sweeping gestures to emphasize his points, but the camera's close-up perspective cropped his arms just below the shoulders, resulting in a TV image of Case with wildly agitated arm stumps! Lesson: if you are being videotaped, keep your hand gestures close to the body.

    • Looking down when you should be looking up!
      Be aware of misplaced eye emphasis, such as looking at your notes when you should be connecting with the audience...and the vice versa! Even highly-trained President Bill Clinton would sometimes consult his speech notes while uttering the most vital words in a sentence, then look up at the audience during the relatively trivial parts.

    • That first sentence is crucial!
      When addressing a new audience, remember to keep your first sentence short and filled with simple words only. This gives listeners time to fine-tune their antennas to your vocal idiosyncrasies and thus absorb the rest of your presentation with ease.

    • Don't be a bore...or worse!
      Frequent use of trite words such as very, basically, interesting will trivialize your message. Similarly, repeating a particular high-caliber word over and over sounds pompous or pretentious, and creates resentment in the listener. No wonder the use of synonymous words and phrases is the defining trait of America's most articulate.

    • Master the stand-alone close.
      By that I mean a three- to five-sentence summation that is somewhat independent of the rest of your presentation, rather than a continuation of preceding material. Thus, if someone was distracted at any point during your speech, but did hear your forcefully delivered stand-alone close, they would still walk away with the gist.

    Also visit my "uncommon tips" for highly effective public speaking.